Thursday, December 17, 2009

#nocleanfeed - what happens when the filter crashes?

Firstly, let me quote my oldest friend on this

Obviously given my views it's #nocleanfeed for me. The government has no business in morality. Kartar
Secondly, policy will always drag behind technology, always.

My big concern here is what happens when it fails, reading around the web, I saw an article which quoted, I think a consultant working for Telstra, which said if a site like youtube was blocked, the net filtering server would crash...

So, all geeks know, it's not that hard to crash a server, whether via a co-ordinated tweet or getting dodgy with DDOS from a bot net.

Put simply, Krudd and Conroy's morale Censorship cursade is a big target for some "heavy systems testing".

It was after all only tested with ADSL1. sigh..

My question is what happens when the filtering server fails/crashes/whatever?

Do we get our entire internet access blocked? or do we get a clean feed?

I'd suggest it goes without question, that these days, you simply can't block the entire internet, therefore, I forsee these servers doing filtering will become the hacker targets of choice, which (e)mail servers of today are.

Look at the Virgin Blue chaos from a single cable cut, that said, why the hell did they have a single point of failure?

Of course that's assuming this actually happens, Krudd was doing pretty well before this re-announcement. Punch drunk policy, like Barnaby Joyce foaming at the mouth whilst filibustering about the ETS / CPRS, is not a good look.

This will be Krudd's Work Choices and it will only benefit the greens, as Abbott, whilst extremely entertaining, is completely unelectable.

There is no point alienating your political base Mr Krudd.

Meanwhile in news to hand, The Melbourne Comedy Festival has announced a new headline act, the Liberal Party's Annual Conference. Lateline will be extended to two hours a night during the conference, as Abbott will be backflipping on gaffs everyday, and the ABC doesn't want to appear biased.