Monday, June 18, 2007

my camera is making strange noises

small hickups when your travelling! on the way out to a techno party in Bernau i noticed my Canon 350d started to make a wierd whirrrrrr noise when i took a photo.

Of course, Germany is a terrible place in the world for service, 10-15 days to get it fixed and i need the original receipt which is in my bed side drawer in Melbourne... sigh

Time to upgrade, no time to mess around!

none of the big cheap stores here seem to carry the Canon EOS 400d body, the german prices aren't too bad compared to Melbourne prices, but i have no time, as i'm off to barcelona tomorrow.

turns out canon are having a 25 year celebration in spain with a 80 euro cash back offer! price before cash back is between 615-635 Euro...

cool, looks like i'm going camera shopping with Basti in Barcelona! cool :)

The great thing is that the 350d and 400d use the same batteries, everything else for the EOS series are compatible... only the batteries are sometimes different (the 300d batteries are bigger)

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