Friday, July 27, 2007

Distracted == new blog layout

just got distracted by blogging and ended up resigning my blog's layout and colors!
and then i started geo-tagging photos in picasa.. course the places i went where not on the map...

problem: google maps with picasa doesn't know Olympos Turkey?
Solution: google, answer in the search listings
Wikipedia...:Coordinates: 36°24?10?N, 30°28?28?E easy

things which rapidly start to suck time...

so I'm back in berlin, after being in greece for the wedding (next post, me lazy),

Next up the Fullmoon Festival this weekend, Jules might be at the Voov, i mean VuuV!

in other news, just got the final approval for a big project which i really like :)

Next big flight, is to New York on the 14th of August,

also maybe ?

BTW: the photo on the left is from Soulclipse in turkey

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