Thursday, August 23, 2007

ORA-01003: no statement parsed

I hit this error whilst playing round with some major dynamically generated sql with Oracle on CFMX 7.

googling around wasn't much help, i didn't find much useful stuff on metalink, but i did find this on the cf-talk archives

Getting ORA-01003 error while executing a query from coldfusion

i did see something about JDBC or CFMX caching the sql metadata or something with prepared statements, but i can't find the link now...

My solution: i just added a static column with a random value which cleared up the problem.. no exactly sexy, but i could keep on mucking around.. not good for a high volume site, but it did solve the problem

UPDATED: keep this in mind



Using cachedwithin eliminates this problem:

Kamal said...

I just ran into this issue on CF9 using CFSTOREDPROC on Oracle 11g. Turns out CF keeps a cached copy of the procedure call. After I made some changes to the procedure on the database, the cached version went out of sync. To fix this I had to disable and then re-enable the database connections in CF Admin (--> Datasource --> Show Advanced Settings --> Disable Connections checkbox).

Charith Bandara Mahawatta said...

We also getting the same error in our Coldfusion application which is hosted in CF10 server. I have just disable and re-enable the DB connection and it started to work for around 1 hour and issue started again. Can you please help me to resolve this issue. We are using Oracle 11g as our Database.

Zac Spitzer said...

It's been quite a while since I have done any Oracle stuff, I'd suggest refactoring your code approach