Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ozorafest Hungary 2007 Photos

What a great festival, Jules convinced me to go on Tuesday at Vuuv, so i changed my plans and it was Time to drive to Ozora, the site of the Solipse Festival in 1999.

We drove in Marie's bus the 14 hours via Prague and then down to Hungary, a few border crossing, so Jules and I got lots of stamps being Aussies, the rest of the crew being european's didn't. I love the reaction of the border guys when they see Jules and ask, "your Australian? Eh?"

Quite a interesting refernce point in my life to go back there after 8 years, I had only be travelling for a few months back then, I only spoke a smattering of German and i was 8 years younger.... lets just say I'm trained up these days. I also met a lot more people at this festival.... nice to have a sizeable berlin crew along too!

this thing was the money! so much fun... playing with G-forces...

A big musical highlight was Atmos, he was booked to play two hours, one hour classic which took me back years... wow... Silicon Sounds was pretty special... I remember having a sleep and then waking up, looking at my phone and grinning that I hadn't missed their set.

Of course having the festival washed out on Saturday night made things even more special as people just hung out in beer tents banging bottles on tables and dancing...or wading thru the market knee deep in warm muddy water with bales of straw all over the place. It made the festival and was a nice change of pace.

My flash died in the flood, but my tent survived better than some other ppl! Jules learnt the important rule never set your tent up with the door facing uphill, kinda asking for trouble.. espcially when there is a 6 inch river of water coming down the hill

Dad's family is Hungarian so it's always nice to visit, don't really have any connections there any more but it was really interesting to see people who looked like my relatives.

The hot mineral springs at Heviz were the prefect after party relaxation with 27C water!

There's more photo's in the Ozorafest Hungary 2007 album on picasa

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