Sunday, November 18, 2007

My little Gmail 2 Wish list for Contacts

I just read about "5 little-known Gmail features you may not yet know about".

I like having you mail history working with the browser forward and back buttons. The keyboard history in your browser is usually Alt-left and Alt-right, great for flying thru you history. Control-tab flicks between tabs... the mouse is slowwww... anyway...

So here's my Number 6 little known hopefully awaited new feature.

What i am still extremely frustrated with is the new contacts. It's a bit better than the old one, but there are some simple things to make it a whole lot better.

My mate John just sent out an email saying his old age email address doesn't work anymore as he's now freelance, so i thought ok, lets clean up my contacts... response

Zac's Improved Gmail Contact Management Hitlist

  1. Show both the contact's name and email address in the second column, like composing.. otherwise it's becomes very confusing
  2. Get rid of the edit button! if i click on a contact in contacts, i am most likely going to want to see more detail.
  3. Drag and drop contact merge, Auto Merge ?? "Are these the same person?"
  4. Email Domain auto generated Filters like groups
  5. There are two icons for adding users and groups. I didn't naturally get that one the first time i used it. Gmail has a text based ui. Every other button has a text annotation... come on.. there's enuff space
  6. The group button, when no contact is selected, should still allow adding a new group


Lisa said...

I agree that the contacts is cumbersome in gmail, especially the groups feature. Most things are so intuitive in gmail -- I'm surprised there hasn't been more development on that feature. Hopefully they take your suggestion!

I am happy to hear about the "archive, next" and "archive, previous" feature. It is handy to flip through a lot of only semi-useful mail (ie you want to look at it once and then forget about it) quickly.

Anonymous said...

I found you via a search for "merge gmail contacts". Your post is on page 1.

I see that your blog post is old, but this is a great idea all 'round for contacts. It's said these ideas are nearly a year old and STILL haven't been done. Unless you know something...e-mail roto.misc.mail [at]gmail