Thursday, November 08, 2007

Picasa Backup to disk is nifty(tm)

Ever used Picasa's built in backup feature under Tools -> backup?

There is a disk to disk backup option so you can use your external hard disk for backups. Burning to DVD is not environmentally friendly.

You should ideally have three copies of everything. IE your laptop/desktop, your regular external hard disk and a backup which is kept separate and not always on and hidden. That way if you get burgled you still have your data. Online backups are also pretty good.

These newer larger 100Gb laptop hard disks are not that reliable, be prepared for them to die, trust me, mine did, a mate's did.

I read about this on the picasa help site. The disk to disk was disabled when i first opened the backup tool, so you need to create a new backup set and then you can select a (pre-existing) folder.

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