Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attention FairFax, Page Overlay Ad's suck

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I am a regular reader of The Age, i used to be a subscriber, but i got sick of reading the same articles i read the night before on the way home in the Cheap and Cheerful free MX, combined with the waste of several trees in each edition, I decided to go online only.

I use firefox as my browser of choice, one of the nice addons is Adblock Plus. I understand that Ad's are a necessary evil online, and i tolerate them, but i draw the line at Full screen overlay ads.

They are super bloody annoying, so any site which uses them gets treated with a blanket ban on advertising. I just got a Huge Nokia overlay on The Age website, so I have enabled Adblock-ing for their site.

Fairfax have created a weird website for The Age, the front page focuses on fluff, the best articles are hidden in the opinion section several screens down! Arrghh...

I tend to reply on the top article side links because I can't be bothered scanning through the rubbish on the front page...

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