Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anchors can make great web bookmarks

One of the more useful sites for TV listings in Australia is yourtv.com.au. I have a bookmark for their page with the what's on now and next view view.

if you compare the results, you can see why anchors (the '#pageTitle' below in the second URL) for a more friendly bookmark

If you compare http://yourtv.com.au/guide/index.cfm?action=nownext
, you'll see the TV guide opening up at the start of TV guide, instantly readable without scrolling down thru half a page of ads and headers.

One a related note, the introduction of HD in Australia is, well, stupid. There is no good reason 10HD isn't broadcast in digitial via SD.

Complicate that with tv listings that don't display 10 and 10HD next to each other so you can see when there is different HD programming (there's a lot of overlap, etc).

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