Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to kill a well hung Windows Service

I was doing some beta testing today with Mapguide RC4 and Gdal, playing with the True Marble imagery and i managed to crash the windows service in the stopping state.

BTW, True Marble is a colour corrected version of NASA's satellite imagery, have a look it's quite cool.

Anyway back to the hung stopping service. This is really soo frustrating especially as on Windows Server 2003 you will get an access denied if you try to kill the service process via task manager or pskill type tools.

You can always do the three finger windows salute, but there was an Oracle backup running and I just wanted to keep playing beta (besides rebooting is so 1990's). So i googled the problem again and this time i found a solution

ZeroWave: a powered TaskManager which has an INSANE mode which managed to kill the process off :)

The phrase "very friendly graphical interface" for something which lists PID's and Executable names, that's one i hadn't thought of before.

Usual disclaimer, you can seriously render things broken doing this

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