Monday, May 19, 2008

Brendon Nelson is Shameless

The demise of the Right continues in Australia at the moment, for those people overseas who don't know what's going, we just had the first Labour Rudd/Swan Federal Budget.

You maybe familiar with John Howard, he lost the last election and his own seat, which brings us to Mr Nelson.

Down under, when you have a child, you get a baby bonus of $5,000 bucks or there abouts. Showing their left wings roots, the government has decided to means test this handout and limit it to families earning less than $150,000 which has caused outrage from the Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson.

Incidentally, it's funny that he was once a member of the Labour Party and was previously the leader of the most powerful union in Australia. A true conservative indeed!

There was a comical speech from Brendan Nelson on this issue

"Every mother loves her baby, every baby is valued and Mr Rudd should value all babies equally. We should not live in Australia where Mr Rudd thinks that some babies are more valuable than others. It’s very, very important that Mr Rudd understand that every mother loves her baby and this should be an Australia where all babies are equal."

Brenden is also totally outraged, ( he nearly blew his top over this during his budget reply) over the Government's plan to raise the tax on Ready-To-Drink (RTD's) or Alcopops to fix a loophole which makes these drinks taxable at the same rate as spirits.

Which is funny because he initially supported the government's approach and has previously raised the issue in Parliament himself.

All this is meant to tackle the teenage binge drinking epidemic in Australia, Brenden saw his chance and is now standing up for the average bloke who likes a Bundy & Coke after work.

For those not familiar with the photo-shopped subject, it's Frank Gallagher from Shameless, who inspired, over a beer or two, my French mate Thomas to get creative :)

My long term prediction is that the Liberal Party will be rebranded sooner or later, because the Brand is totally shot... They hold across the entire nation, only the Brisbane local council.

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