Friday, May 16, 2008

Living in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS next week

I am getting a shiny new desktop machine tomorrow from 4DC and i am going to install Ubuntu Desktop and try and use it for a week.

My motivation was that after cracking my laptop screen last weekend, I need a machine to use while it's being serviced.

As my new desktop will have 4Gb of ram, i want something 64-bit. Windows is a joke in that regard IMHO, I actually do work on my machine so Vista is a totally dud option for me and let's face it, Ubuntu is the cute posterboy linux distro, so my decision was easy.

I am going to try out Mythtv and use this machine as a media center, so i'm getting a fusion dual HDTV receiver. I'll be interested to see how it flys.

Work wise, Firefox 3.0 beta5 is the default browser (nice) so email (gmail) and web is covered. Server wise Mapguide, Coldfusion, Oracle XE, VMWare are all supported.

For an IDE, I am going to use CFEclipse via Pulse and Oracle SQL Developer should cover all the bases.

I will have an XP image (legal) under VMWare handy for any irreplaceable Window's stuff like Mapguide Studio. But i will avoid windows all week if i can :)

stay tuned for updates

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Jim Priest said...

Interested to hear how MythTV works out. I've got an old ATI tuner card I hang on to with the thought one day I'll find time to tinker :) I love my Ubuntu though - I'd never switch back to Windows...