Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why doesn't The Age link to sites it covers?

It's a source of endless annoyance when i read The Age online these days, it never provides links to website even when the article is directly about a website... doh!

This story is about a blog therefore in the interests of people forming their own option, IMHO they should link to the site, period, no discussion.

I could see some argument that their page rank (7) would increase the ranking of the site they are covering, but that's how the web works! They have only 2 point's more than my blog!

In this day and age (no pun intended) with everyone talking about the death of the newspaper and the move from information delivery via dead tree to burnt coal powered instant gratification, i would think Fairfax Digitial would get it.

It's not very hard to link, use a <a href="url">site name</a> :) isn't any better, but that's no surprise.

The actual blog site is locked down, but my argument is the same none the less. Links are used to provide structure on line and they help people research stuff...

The irony is to watch the Liberals fighting each other, thanks John, I love your legacy :) You have made Australia a better place to live

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