Thursday, May 08, 2008

Young Australians want a republic, they just don't know it yet

Roy Morgan have published a poll about the views on Australia becoming a Republic

"What would please the Monarchists is 64% of those aged 14-17 say Australia should remain a Monarchy, with 23% supporting a Republic and 13% undecided."

I guess if Monarchists are happy with ignorant views, they will be happy. Kids aged 14-17 have not been exposed to any of the details about the Republic, it has been a dead issue since John Howard's stupid referendum.

I think it will rise again in popularity with the young once it becomes a mainstream issue again. That said the Royal Family has been so boring and uncontroversial recently there isn't the back lash which was going on with the whole Charles Camillagate debacle.

Maybe Rudd should include addressing the middle upper class welfare in the budget and stop sending millions to the royal family...

As for the model, I'm not even sure what i want anymore. Things aren't so bad these days under Rudd, I find myself looking back over at the Liberals (they are on the endangered species list, if they were on CH 9 they would be axed or moved to late night TV) for inspiration.

I was born around the time of the dismissal which is one of the key issues, seeing Downer talking to the Monarchists recently on TV I was very clear that their support base is facing the biggest issue of all, the march of time... the whole room was full of old people...

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