Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patch for Opera and Mapguide Available + FF3 works with Linux too

I just uploaded a simple patch which enables Opera to work with the Basic viewer in Mapguide.

Turns out there is some strange behaviour with Opera when in comes to image onload functions which caused the map not to be loaded.

Also, the strange problem I was having with the Firefox 3 patch has mysteriously disappeared.

So if you want to get Mapguide support for Opera 9.50 and Firefox 3, have a look at the following trac issues:

AJAX viewer does not load map in Firefox 3 RC 1)
Opera 9.50 doesn't load map using the Basic Viewer

There may be some additional bugs with Opera, but this now works...

As Tom mentioned, this means Mapguide on the WII :)

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Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

Tom has committed the patch for opera into the Mapguide Trunk