Monday, September 22, 2008

Truffles replaces Emo Man

Over at crikey, I noticed they have started to call Malcom Turnbull Truffles which I think is worth around of applause. here here!

The announcement of the new Shadow Ministry is showing the lack of depth in the Liberal ranks at the moment. Julie Bishop as treasurer is a poor choice, she is such a dull and boring communicator at the best of times, making her talk about economics surely contravenes several of our human right's treaty obligations.

Helen Coonan, previously Minister for Communications makes for an interesting choice for Foreign Affairs, I will need time to develop an opinion on this one...

Poor old Tony Abbot, Religious Saviour of the Australia Parliament who is still the most fun character and my favorite interviewee on Lateline, missed out...

Meanwhile Kevin was on Rove, the moose comment is brilliant...

As Andrew Bartlett said, they should Give Petro a go!

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy as well after the return of The Australian's liberal party cheers squad. As many have pointed out, statistical error is not momentum :)

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