Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Problems already with filtering trials

Just got a tweet from the KevinRuddPM on twitter...

Thanks for the ISP Filtering comments. We’re waiting for tech evidence from a live trial but we’ll have more info online soon. #KevinPM Team ... 12 minutes ago from web
Now I do respect Kevin from his evidence based approach, but I can't really see how this will generate useful results coz:
  1. If the blacklist ain't published and it doesn't tell you a site is blocked, but the site just doesn't appear, how do users know and report wrongly blocked sites?
  2. If users bypass the filter with a VPN, encryption, proxies or whatever, how will you know they are doing that?
  3. Ironically, during the trial, people are likely to attempt to get blocked just to see what happens which means just like the failed 2am lockout, the stats will be useless
  4. Google Search is the default gateway for Australians, by default moderate safe search is on already
Technology, bright kids and hackers will always move faster than the filtering technology, let alone policy and regulation.

The internet being a wonderfully inherently chaotic mess, it's rather hard to measure. Besides it's almost summer and internet usage does change when the sun's out :)

Stop wasting your time and valuable political capital on bad policy..

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