Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two great free defrag programs for Windows

There are two programs I have in my windows tool kit for defragging the mess which drives can becomes these days. grrr!

The first is Defraggler, which I love because it allows you to defragment individual files.

After loading a lot of spatial data into Oracle today, the oracle table space (CDM.DBF) has hit 10Gb and has 92 fragments, Defraggler lets me choose to defrag only that file.

It also provides a graphic map and preview, so you can exactly how the file has been spread out across you disk like roadkill.

Of course, it does depend on how fragmented your file and disk is, as well as how much free space you have, but at least you have some fine grained control.

JkDefrag Gui lets you tweak JkDefrag without using the command line.

Whilst not providing the fine grained per-file control of Defraggler, JkDefrag has a lot more options on how you defrag. Like moving all the files to the end of the disk as well as a defragmenting screensaver and a heap of other options.

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MSmith said...

I've tried these, but I prefer Diskeeper. Currently, I am evaluating the DK 2008 Pro free trial version on my XP desktop (4 drives), and it simply destroys the other defraggers. Diskeeper defrags the MFT, defrags multiple drives *simultaneously* in the background etc. Unfortunately, it's not free after the trial version expires (30 days), but I feel it's well worth the price and plan to buy it.