Saturday, January 31, 2009

The next MapGuide is shaping up

Following the Timeline for MapGuide Open source, there has been a flurry of commits in the last week or so. What is particularly refreshing to see is a lot of minor bug fixes and tweaks which reflect the evolution of this product over time.

Evolution is great thing to see, here are some highlights of the next release:

  • Performance improvements, mainly the caching of schema information which drastically improves the performance of database providers. (RFC 53)

  • Unmanaged mappings no longer require a server restart (#829)

  • Raster reprojection (RFC 51) means you no longer need to have your raster in the current map projection

  • Legend images aren't requested when the legend is hidden (#827)

  • Numerous WMS fixes (#794, #808)

  • Annotation drawing should be faster when display is dense (#761)

  • Pooled RDBMS connection fails if RDBMS drops connection (#825)

  • New CS-MAP projection system, as used in MapGuide Enterprise(RFC 55)

  • Polylines can disappear completely using AGG renderer (#632)

  • Advanced placement problems (#732)

  • Detailed Server Logging (RFC 49)

  • ResourceExists API call implemented (#288)

  • MgWktReaderWrite performs horrendously on large Polygons (#627)

Fusion has also been drastically improved and loads much much faster!

King Oracle 0.8.5 is the first version of this provider which I have been happy enough to actually put into production! This also works with the current release 2.0.2

All up the next release is shaping up to be a pleasure to use!

Fingers crossed that the long oustanding GDAL provider problem gets fixed (#462)

I am also hoping to see some improvements with the labelling for tiled maps (#792)
and the issues with PNG8 compression not preserving fill colors (#813)

For more information, head over to Mapguide Central

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