Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introducing Explore Australia

After several years of work, I am happy to announce that Explore Australia is now live on the web.

Explore Australia is an interactive travel guide which covers over 700 different tourist towns and regions.

The site was built using Coldfusion 8, Model Glue, MapGuide Open Source, Oracle XE, jQuery & Openlayers and runs on Ubuntu via Amazon Web Services.

This project wouldn't of been possible with out the hard work of all the wonderful developers who contribute their time into these open source projects. I've learnt a lot and managed to contribute bits back myself.



Kartar said...

Kudos dude - long time coming! We really do need to have that beer when I get back... First round on me. :P

Rick said...

Just a quick suggestion for navigating your site.

You should have a bypass the navigation links for the major cities and not force someone not familiar with the country to guess the region or state in order to get there.