Sunday, April 25, 2010

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets

This story is a must read for anyone responsible for office equipment, as it turns out, nearly all photo copiers made since 2002 stores a copy of every page they scan on an internal hard disk.

This is a terrible privacy problem. I doubt i would ever use a public photo copier ever again.

Next time you upgrade or replace a photocopier, you MUST ensure that this hard disk is wiped.

Otherwise, your old second hand photocopier is going to be out there in circulation with untold thousands of sensitive documents sitting their waiting for someone with nefarious intentions to get hold of the hard disk and potentially capture a treasure trove of private and/or commmerically sensitive information.

Scary stuff indeed, especially considering how much we rely on secret 12 digit numbers (plus a four digit bank code) to make the credit card system work, not to mention identify fraud.

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