Monday, January 10, 2011

MapGuide 2.2 RC testing with PostgreSQL (Success)

I tried out the newer FDO PostgreSQL driver for PostGIS in the latest MapGuide 2.2 RC2 beta
with a local PostgreSQL db on Windows 7 64-bit (32-bit version of MG),

result? it works really well

Just make sure your not using version 9 of PostgreSQL , FDO 3.5 doesn't
support v9 yet, FDO 3.6/ MapGuide 2.3 will

I ended up downloading and installing the db twice as I forgot about
the lack of support for 9.0 with FDO 3.5

Remember! you need to make sure the libpq.dll's are in your system path

My testing was with some OSM (openstreetmap) data for Victoria, Australia
which I downloaded and loaded with osm2pgsql (use -s if you don't have lots of ram)

IMHO, the OSM shapefile's have a nicer data structure than how the
OSM files get imported by default into PostgreSQL

Alas, the shp files have ":" in the column name which breaks SHP FDO,
PostgreSQL FDO works fine with these, translating them to _

but you can load the shape files easily into Postgres

lack of ordering support in MapGuide does still leave proper road rendering
rather inanely complex,

PostGIS rocks, faster than Oracle and free! Oracle's spatial licensing is so like 1990's

I wrote this, coz I figured it's important to tell some software success stories,
often people only post about problems, which can be depressing when your searching


Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

Talk about a fast turnaround,

SHP provider: Allow ':' characters in property name

has been fixed for 3.6, can't see the svn checkin tho

Anonymous said...

Hello zac,

It's possible to connect from mgos rc2 x64 installed into a x64 server to a different server with psql?

There is any x64 build of libpq.dll etc libs?

abengah said...

have you test Mapguide RC4 64bit + MySQL FDO ... I always get message session time out when trying to connect from mapguide maestro...

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

@Anonymous you can definately connect to different servers. As there is only 32 bit psql libaries for windows, I guess you will need to use a 32 bit version of mapguide server... try posting a question on fdo-users?

@abengah I haven't tried the MySQL provider out on x64, please post a question to the mailing list with the exact versions of the database libraries you have installed.

diegoarevalo said...


Im new in MapGuide and Maestro and Im trying to conect my data base in Postre SQL by Maestro to my fusion aplication. But maestro show me that error when I try to cenect a PostreSQL/PostGIS Feature Source ( tring to add a New Resource- Feature Source) :

An exeption ocurred in FDO componet.
RDBMS: No connected to the specified database.


So Im using PostreSQL 8.4, where i must put libpq.dll?? what mean system path?

Well I have postgreSQL 8.4, Maestro MapGuide 3.1 and MapGuide Openn Source 2.2

Tnks for you answer and sorry if is a stupid question but have day days trying to fix it :P

Tnks you.

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

for any support questions, please post to the mapguide-users mailing list and attach the xml definition for your FeatureSource