Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brendon Nelson is Emo Man

The leader of the federal opposition in Australia, Brendan Nelson is fast becoming known as the Emo Man.

Never mind global warming, the war in Iraq, inflation or anything else which is important, Brendan Nelson is suffering some serious chaffing, getting his knickers in a twist over whether we should be cutting 2 cents or 5 cents off the petrol excise in Australia.

I listen to News Radio on my clock radio and they broadcast the Parliament when it's in session. This morning he tried to censure Kevin Rudd (PM) over the issue. Half a wasted day later, Emo Man got censured after Rudd turned it round :)

Next time he winges over a few million bucks, someone should remind himself of this waste of time... Time to chill out with a Bacardi Geezer!

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