Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tiny little Openlayers & Mapguide & Fusion patch fest

I think we may of finally got most of the all the bugs out of the mapguide implementation with Openlayers.

This little screen shot, without any pink tiles, is the result of all the bits below working together..

If you doing much with Openlayers and Mapguide, I think you will find both these patches useful

  1. Mapguide dynamic overlays fails
  2. A Mapguide Tiled map with all the co-ordinates correct :)
    var metersPerUnit = 111319.4908; //value returned via MG API
    var inPerUnit = OpenLayers.INCHES_PER_UNIT.m * metersPerUnit;
    OpenLayers.INCHES_PER_UNIT["dd"] = inPerUnit;
    OpenLayers.INCHES_PER_UNIT["degrees"] = inPerUnit;
    OpenLayers.DOTS_PER_INCH = 96;
    turns out that's all required in order for a mapguide tiled layer to display with correct co-ordinates, aside from extents and scales

  3. A Sheboygan example of Mapguide tiled map, Untiled map and untiled map as Overlay all in one map, which makes a good starting point

  4. Fusion fix for the Mapguide error:The value cannot be less than or equal to zero.

  5. Finally a sainty bug against mapguide, "The value cannot be less than or equal to zero." is meaningless with out context

Life should be a little bit easier for anyone using Mapguide and Openlayers now!

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